Lease To Own Program

Have you Been Turned Down for a mortgage?

It is safe to say that you are near having the option to purchase a home however aren’t exactly prepared? Have you been having trouble proving your income or simply need help building your credit to get a home? Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program might be appropriate for you.

How Does This Program Work?

Home Partners gives capable families a make and straightforward way to homeownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. This program furnishes three years of lease sureness with just a one-year monetary responsibility on the rent.

How Do I Apply?

Assuming you need to claim a home yet can’t as of now meet all requirements for a home loan, or on the other hand on the off chance that you would like to lease a home now determined to buy it in the following three to five years, then, at that point this program might be intended for you. Home Partners doesn’t zero in only on your FICO rating. The full credit profile of your whole family is considered when they survey your application to the Home Partners program.

What Are The Benefits?

Similarly as with a standard rent arrangement, Home Partners expects you to sign a rent for a year and set aside a security installment. In contrast to a standard rent understanding, you will have recharging choices giving three years of lease sureness and the option to buy the home at a cost set up when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, as per the conditions of the Agreement. You can likewise choose the home that you need to live in from those qualified and ready to move in networks Home Partners serves – empowering you to live in a local today where you may not in any case track down a reasonable home to lease.

Some Key Points

Home Partners purchases homes in explicit endorsed networks, so you can go to their site to perceive what networks are at present in their program. We will direct you in tracking down the right home in the right local area in the Home Partners’ program. When you support the price tag in your Right to Purchase Agreement, that is the cost at which you might buy the home during the term of the rent, as per the particulars of the Agreement, regardless of whether the house is subsequently assessed at a sequential worth. In the event that you don’t buy the home as given in the Agreement, Home Partners might lease or offer the home to others when your rent closes.


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